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Reply To All Group.
* only couple of spots left :)*

I am looking for more interesting email frenzy people to join a "reply to all" email group called aspire which is 3 years old!
Basically, Instead of sending an email to one person, you send to the entire group.

I'm being realistic, Not everyone can reply to emails all through the day as we have work / school and various other things to attend. An email or "diary entry" a day to everyone would be nice.
But i'd like it if everyone who joins up, could stay active enough to send atleast a couple emails within every 2 days.
I'm looking for people who will keep emailing. People who like to talk!

Some things that can be posted in emails;

Diary Entries / Day-To-Day Events
Your Poetry / Art / Photography / Short Stories / Music
Asking Advice
Or You Just Want Some Company!

This could be a really fun and interesting little "community"
And a chance to make a nice bunch of friends.

If you're interested or have any questions;
Send me an email: naomi.jadex5@gmail.com
Or leave me your email, and i'll contact you.
this is also a page on blogspot especially to explain ASPIRE :)

60 icons: disney, stock: nature, animals, stationary, food, starbucks

disney: enchanted, winnie the pooh, mulan, sleeping beauty, lady and the tramp, and much more classics
stock: animals, nature, landscapes, stock images, stationary, roads, food
rachel mcadams

AND! 3 disney tutorials in psd files :)
please look and comment; i don't get much feedback :( i'm taking requests! comment with them ;)


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50 icons

here's the second batch! :)

15 lady gaga
13 stock (fashion, models, flowers, books, castles, words, images from ffffound.com)
15 pokemon characters
6 other (avatar, how to train your dragon 3D)


i'm taking ideas/requests so i would love to hear your thoughts :) i'd also like to do some tutorials so let me know if you see anything you like and would like to know how i did it, i might be able to remember & post a few tutorials ;)

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72 stock, celebs, text, antm & other

hello! :) here is my first icon post here at sunshinepaw. i'm really excited about this!
in this post you can find...

lady gaga x10
america's next top model cycle 14 contestants x7
the notebook x7
stock (stock text, fashion, animals, UK & USA flags, disney (Up, toy story, bambi)) x21
misc celeb/movies/tv (mean girls, rachel mcadams, amanda seyfried, kristen stewart, twilight cast, robert pattinson, GLEE cast, johnny depp) x29


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