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icons, resources, etc
this is my new icon community. here i will share the graphics that i make, bases, brushes, textures, resources, tutorials and everything else graphic-related. i have been into graphics for many years and this is a place i hope to share my work.
i am certainly not one of the best icon makers out there but i enjoy making icons and i would really appreciate if you could give me any feedback/comments. ♥ :) i love requests!

my name is naomi, i'm 18 and i live in london. i like to make icons of: celebrities, artists, text stock, stock, models, america's next top model, fashion and popular culture. i use photoshop CS and i find all my tutorials from livejournal.

over time i hope to share everything i use that helps me make icons. i know there are a lot of icon communities out there but please join or watch sunshinepaw i would really love that :)

i mod and own: disneytheme, natureicontest and meangirlsstills. i am very interested in icon challenge communities.

affiliates are lovely <3 comment anywhere in this community & i will add you as an affiliate. :)
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